About Us

Trustees and Directors have the vision to create a state of art, multi-dimensional Education Institute to compete with modern facilities to develop world class citizen. The academics provided not only look into the local syllabus but also have teaching methods which are used worldwide by renowned educational institute. We as high technologically equipped institute, think that extra curricular activities are equally important for overall personality development.

It has vast premises located in fast developing area Sama-Savli Road. The School is having four-storied building with over 28 rooms, library, computer lab, as well as science labs, an in–house kitchen and a team of dedicated qualified staff. It is rare to find both, quality and quantity together, but KAIZEN SCHOOL has proved that it is possible. Ever since inception, the institution has always aimed at achieving and maintaining the highest standard of academic performance.

At KAIZEN, we provide the environment to enable our students to realize their true potential and responsible adults who are able to contribute meaningful to the society.

We Believe In

  • Innovation in programs learning and knowledge transfer.
  • Providing a happy nurturing environment for development.
  • Being responsive to needs of parents and children.
  • Recognizing every child as an individual.
  • Promote the art of story telling, to enhance the expression and with it, learn about vocabulary, history, customs, festivals, morality & values.
  • Forming a strong partnership with parents to ensure that the children reach their full potential.
  • Provide opportunities & experience for learning basic life skills that will help children to be independent, self-sufficient and socially well-adjusted